Irene Day:Songs Anchored in Familiar Black Sacred Tradition

Irene Day has the unique ability to make her listeners feel that there are only three people in the sacred space of worship: The soloist, the listener, and God. Gifted with a rich lyric soprano voice, a fully two-octave range, and perfect pitch, Irene Day’s delicate, sweet yet beautifully piercing singing resonates with a personal faith tested by the vagaries of human experience. In 1981 she recorded the original record titled “He’s Everywhere,” backed only by her lifelong piano accompanist of over 60 years, the late Marilyn Hairston. In commemoration of the historic Brunswick-label album’s 25th Anniversary, it was digitally remastered by Irene’s son Dennis Day, with the addition of several renowned New York City-based musicians: J.D. Parren on woodwinds, Bob Cunningham on contrabass, and Dr. Gregory Hopkins (renowned tenor and director of Harlem’s Convent Avenue Baptist Church) on organ. The album was reissued in 2002 as a CD entitled “Touch Somebody’s Life,” in tribute to the victims and first responders of 9/11.

The music of Irene Day offers the listener that special personal place of meditation, prayer, and reflection.This is music inspired from a Christian perspective, but its raw emotion and power resonates with all people of faith. Here are some comments on Irene Day’s Music:

Oprah Winfrey, Television Host:
“Irene, what a beautiful voice!”

Leslie Uggams, Singer/Actress:
“After 9/11, Irene Day’s music has special meaning. The songs are beautifully performed and take us back to church.”

Albertina Walker, Grammy Award-Winning Singer:
“I love her voice, and I love the feeling of deep spiritual connection she puts forth in these great songs. I can definitely relate to her music.

Paul Kwami, Director, Fisk Jubilee Singers:
“The songs on this recording are great, but it is the performance that really brings out their beauty. I could listen to them over and over again. We need to preserve this great music.”

Edith Wiens, Internationally Acclaimed Classical Singer (
“Irene Day brings sweet elegance and authenticity to her wonderful album. The gift to touch lives is hers.”

Alice Hicks, Gospel Recording Artist:
“I would like to comment on the music ministry of Sister Irene Day. No doubt her ministry reminds me of the Old Time Church. And I mean that in a good way, as I respect and appreciate music from the yesteryears. Sister Irene’s music reminds me of the music of Thomas Dorsey, Clara Ward, and Mahalia Jackson. I believe Irene Day has made an impression on the heart of Gospel music lovers that will never be erased.”