East Chicago Ancestral Ties a Link between Two Global Icons of Pop Music

Growing up In my rust belt, blue collar neighborhood,as Al Jarreau sang, “We Got By!”We also took the idea of permanence and job security for granted. Being in the shadows and gravity of Chicago, we seldom looked at the greatness that surrounded us in everyday people with extraordinary talent and determination. Many people are un-aware that two of the greatest artists in American popular culture and history claim their ancestral roots in East Chicago, Indiana.Both Michael Jackson’s and Stevie Wonder’s grandparents lived only six blocks apart.And I lived a few blocks between both their grandparents.Small wonder, Stevie, Michael and their clans were like family; brothers and sisters with each other. They shared a common root and bond with their ancestor’s homes.Now that the once bustling steel city by the lake no longer has gigantic steel mills with fiery open hearths and blast furnaces lighting the skies,like most rust belt cities big industry is no longer and today full- time, solid employment is a scarcity.But at least the”good folk” of East Chicago for generations will always have bragging rights.Their neighbors, the Jacksons and Morris families helped nurture the “best of the best”.And Stevie’s and the Jackson family will always have deep kinship roots in the little steel town on Lake Michigan’s southern shore. D.Day Media 2017Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson both have Grandparents  they visted often who lived in East Chicago, Indiana six blocks apart.

Main&Broadway EC Harbor

Main and Broadway Indiana Harbor

Morris liquorstore and House EC

Morris Liquor Store owned by Bob and Ilona Morris, Stevie’s grandparents, lived next door,The Village of New Addition

Parade EC Mexican Independence

Mexican Independence Day Parade in a once bustling town where Big Steel and Oil refineries assured jobs for American migrants from the southwest and Mexico, Eastern European immigrants, and the great African America migrant wave during the 19th though 20th century.


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