Not All Evangelical Christians in Lock-Step with Trump’s Version of Christian Values

The magazine “Christianity Today,” is one of the nation’s most respected conservative publications,s held in highest esteem among those of both liberal and conservative political stripes has now weighed in on the qualities of both 2016 presidential candidates. Posted below is an excerpt of an article entitled”Speak Truth To Trump” by Andy Crouch calling upon Evangelicals to not remain silent aboutTrump’s blatant immorality. The article appears in October’s edition. This scathing critique comes curiously late in the political cycle but nonetheless, it seems to fracture the media narrative that all Evangelicals have bought into Trump mania “lock stock and barrel”. The article also lambast Hilary Clinton for her political indiscretions i.e. e-mail server, mismanagement ,and hyper-secrecy but the venerable magazine “Christianity Today” clearly delineates it’s anti-Trump position as it’s central theme set forth in the essay.I make no “bones’ about excluding CT’s critique of Hilary because it’s my editorial and partisan privilege as well as my first amendment right to do so. I’m pleased that a major reputable religious publication like CT awakened, albeit late in the process to excoriate Trump as the GOP candidacy for POTUS,someone whom they now view as antithetical to core evangelical Christian principles. Better late than never ,I suppose.(D.Day Media 2016)

“Speak Truth To Trump” (Christianity Today, Andy Crouch October 16, 2016

“What Trump is, everyone has known and has been able to see for decades, let alone the last few months. The revelations of the past week of his vile and crude boasting about sexual conquest—indeed, sexual assault—might have been shocking, but they should have surprised no one.

Indeed, there is hardly any public person in America today who has more exemplified the “earthly nature” (“flesh” in the King James and the literal Greek) that Paul urges the Colossians to shed: “sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires, and greed, which is idolatry” (3:5). This is an incredibly apt summary of Trump’s life to date. Idolatry, greed, and sexual immorality are intertwined in individual lives and whole societies. Sexuality is designed to be properly ordered within marriage, a relationship marked by covenant faithfulness and profound self-giving and sacrifice. To indulge in sexual immorality is to make oneself and one’s desires an idol. That Trump has been, his whole adult life, an idolater of this sort, and a singularly unrepentant one, should have been clear to everyone.

And therefore it is completely consistent that Trump is an idolater in many other ways. He has given no evidence of humility or dependence on others, let alone on God his Maker and Judge. He wantonly celebrates strongmen and takes every opportunity to humiliate and demean the vulnerable. He shows no curiosity or capacity to learn. He is, in short, the

Trump speaks scowls
Donald Trump 2016 GOP presidential candidate
very embodiment of what the Bible calls a fool.
Some have compared Trump to King David, who himself committed adultery and murder. But David’s story began with a profound reliance on God who called him from the sheepfold to the kingship, and by the grace of God it did not end with his exploitation of Bathsheba and Uriah. There is no parallel in Trump’s much more protracted career of exploitation. The Lord sent his word by the prophet Nathan to denounce David’s actions—alas, many Christian leaders who could have spoken such prophetic confrontation to him personally have failed to do so. David quickly and deeply repented, leaving behind the astonishing and universally applicable lament of his own sin in Psalm 51—we have no sign that Trump ever in his life has expressed such humility. And the biblical narrative leaves no doubt that David’s sin had vast and terrible consequences for his own family dynasty and for his nation. The equivalent legacy of a Trump presidency s grievous to imagine.” Source: Christianity Today 10/16/16 D.Day Media 2016
 Donald Trump 2016 GOP presidential candidate